Highlands Business Park Phase 2 (2021-2022)

  • Location Acheson, Alberta
  • Description

    A multi-year general contract for large-scale civil improvements in the Acheson area. The project team of GS Construction, Border Paving and Van Rooyen Construction worked closely with one another to ensure the success of the project. As the General Contractor, we were responsible for coordinating all work zones, schedules, specifications, safety of all contractors on site, conflict management, and coordination with the consulting engineer. Over 4 kilometers of pipe was installed along 279 Street and 92 Avenue to service the new Amazon Distribution Center, upstream clients, and loop the water system through the area. Installation methods ranged from standard pipe installs, to 1800mm casing installed via trenchless methods, to 400mm DR11 HDPE pipe being directional drilled for over 1 kilometer.

    A small section of land was leased from the property owner for the duration of the project in order to construct a temporary road to allow access/egress to residents and businesses in the area. During this time, the entirety of 279 Street was torn up, rebuild and re-opened for public use. Given the small number of residents directly affected by this job (3) we were able to keep in very close contact with them and ensure that any issues they were facing were promptly resolved.

    • Large Volume SWMF construction
    • Installation of inlets and outlets (250mm-1800mm)
    • Installation of large volume structures to control pond levels
    • STM lift station constructed to manage and maintain pond levels along with STM force-main system installed in 279 St.
    • ~1400m of 400mm STM force main drilled along 279 Street
    • ~4000m of total pipe installed on project ranging from 100mm – 1500mm piping.
    • Just over 120 concrete structures installed on project
    • CCC for all scopes performed achieved in quoted time frame, with exception of surface works due to conflict with Pembina Pipelines. 6 month delay due to conflict – less than 45 days
    • later, surface improvements CCC was granted.
  • Owner Panattoni Developments
  • Consulting Engineer V3 Companies of Canada

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