Empowerment Through Teamwork and Integrity

Introduction to GS Construction

Join our expanding Team at GS Construction, where safety, teamwork, and continuous improvement have been at our core since 1974.

Embrace a culture that values integrity, hard work, and community engagement, providing a supportive and innovative work environment.

We take pride in fostering personal and professional growth, offering abundant opportunities to learn and excel within the industry-leading GS Construction Team.

Our Vision & Values

We build, improve, and maintain the lifeblood infrastructure that is the foundation for modern society’s quality of life. Our values include:

  • Perseverance: We won’t quit until we find a way to get the job done
  • Determination: We are determined to find solutions to construction problems
  • Transparency: Treat others fairly, honestly, and respectfully
  • Tradition: We will uphold the traditions and stories of GS Construction
  • Teamwork: Our clients are part of our team and we do not let our teammates down

Safety-First Mentality

Our Safety Vision is the foremost value, and every leader and employee is committed to working together to maintain a strong safety culture.

People First

We continually try to grow and develop our people because people are the only thing that differentiates one construction company from another.


The people on the ground are the ones getting the important work done, and they need to be respected, valued and supported.

Career Growth

We train and grow our people to be World Class construction professionals, fostering both personal growth and advancement within our company.

Comprehensive Benefits

We believe that the time of our people is valuable. We offer comprehensive employee benefits package designed to support your well-being, career growth, and overall satisfaction.


We believe in Family and Community, giving back, and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.

Next Person Up Program

GS has a long history in promoting the water & sewer industry as not just a temporary job for young people but as a potential life long career. Our company is filled with many employees who started with no industry experience and have developed into skilled pipelayers, operators, foremen, superintendents, project managers and managers.

As part of that strategy, GS has developed the Next Person Up program which identifies employees who show potential and hold core values that fit our culture. These values include hard work, honesty & integrity, perseverance, intelligence, and a positive attitude. Formal education is not a prerequisite.

Once in the NPU program, we work with employees in developing a training and development plan that fits their experience and future goals.
We believe that our industry provides challenging and rewarding careers for those who are willing to put in the work, and we want to be the leader in providing those opportunities.

Positions Available

Explore Career Opportunities: Elevate Your Potential with GS Construction

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Edmonton, AB
April 23, 2024
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November 21, 2023