About GS Construction

Our Mission at GS Construction

To continue to be a trusted partner in completing quality underground infrastructure projects, with minimal impact to the public and the environment, while providing long-term value to our clients.

Our Vision & Values

We build, improve, and maintain the lifeblood infrastructure that is the foundation for modern society’s quality of life. Our values include:

  • Perseverance: We won’t quit until we find a way to get the job done
  • Determination: We are determined to find solutions to construction problems
  • Transparency: Treat others fairly, honestly, and respectfully
  • Tradition: We will uphold the traditions and stories of GS Construction
  • Teamwork: Our clients are part of our team and we do not let our teammates down

Drainage Services


Infrastructure Rehabilitation


Land Development


General Contracting


Water Services


Maintenance & Emergency Repairs


A Robust History

Marking half a century, GS’s legacy thrives in its enduring commitment to community-focused construction and infrastructure innovation.

50+ Years of History