Water Services


Water Services

We are proud to be a pre-qualified contractor in providing EPCOR with construction services in rehabilitating and upgrading The City of Edmonton water utilities.

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2023 EPCOR Water MSA Construction

In 2023, GS Construction carried out their work for EPCOR Water Services, as per the…

2023 Arterial Collector Renewal Open Cut

5 Mainline Repairs up to 5.0m in Depth 4 CB Lead Replacements 57 MH Appurtenances…

2023 Reactive Local Sewer Rehabilitation Open Cut Repairs Package

>55m of Mainline Replacement and 2 new MH’s Replace 80.m of CB Lead 3 Service…

2023 Sanitary Catch Basin Removals Location 13 & 15

Installation of 185m of new Storm line (250mm & 300mm PVC) Installation of new CBMH’s…

2023 SIRP Proactive Mainline Reline Program Package #1

12 Open Cut Sot Repairs up to 6.0m in depth Pipe Size ranging from 200mm-375mm

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