YEG-2 Slingshot – Acheson Amazon Warehouse

  • Location Acheson, Alberta
  • Description

    Installation of over 6km of piping for the new Amazon warehouse in Acheson, Alberta for Ledcor. Fire suppression lines and storm roof leaders made up roughly 5km of the total piping installed for the construction of this building. Due to the lack of capacity from Parkland County to supply adequate pressures and water supply to the warehouse in the event of a fire, all suppression systems are run through a water storage tank housed under the parking lot.

    All installations were carried out through the construction of the warehouse itself, making access and working space very limited resources. Crews were forced to shore and cage nearly every excavation on site. Given the amount of pipe in such a small area, crews crossed over their own piping over 260 times. Of those, over 100 were crossings within 300 vertical mm of each other.

    This job was performed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and saw the introduction of new H&S measures that we had not seen before. Crews were required to mask up, always wear a face shield, and check in through the bio-scanner screening tents in the mornings before being allowed to enter the site. Through coordination with the Ledcor team and other contractors on site our scope was completed on time and under budget, contributing to the overall success of the project for us and our client.

  • Owner Inc.
  • Consulting Engineer Ledcor Group of Companies

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