United, Trumpeter 4

Project Name: United, Trumpeter 4

Contract Value: $ 977,836.50

Project Location: 205 Street, Trumpeter Way to 128 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta

Project Description: As general contractor GS Holdings installed 220m of storm sewer from Ø300 to Ø750. 216.4m of Ø200 sanitary and 196m of Ø250 watermain. 23 vertical metres of manhole structures were installed, 3 fire hydrants, 5 valves, 6 CBs and 2 CBMH’s. Piping was installed to a booster station for pipe diameters of Ø250 and Ø450 with all required bends and valves with full surface restoration in this work area.

Owner: United Big Lake Partnership, Edmonton, Alberta

Consulting Engineer: Stantec

Project Manager: Mike Durdle, GS Construction

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