At GS Construction, safety is the number one priority on all of our projects.

We are proud to have earned the Alberta Construction Safety Association’s (ACSA) Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program as well as ISNetworld.

We are continually improving our safety procedures to minimize lost time, and provide a safe working environment for our employees and the general public.

GS Construction promotes safe practices by:

  • providing comprehensive safety orientations for new employees
  • conducting regular safety meetings and hazard assessments
  • holding ongoing training sessions in areas such as First Aid, CSTS, WHIMIS, Confined Space Awareness, and Safe Trenching & Excavation

Health & Safety Policy

GS Construction is committed to safety on and off the worksite.  This includes protecting people, equipment, materials and the environment from loss caused by injuries or accidents.

GS Construction complies with all applicable municipal, provincial and federal legislation to the best of its ability. We have developed a comprehensive health and safety manual that outlines company policies, job procedures, safe work practices and programs to ensure adequate hazard identification and control.

We also ensure that workers adhere to their training.  Employees at every level — including management — are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety.

Our company expects safety excellence, and that means complete and active participation by everyone… everyday… in every job.   Management is dedicated to the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment;  we will co-operate and support the efforts of employees to achieve this goal.  All employees are expected to comply with company policies and conduct themselves in a professional manner on the job.

We all want an accident- and injury-free workplace.  We can get there through a continuous focus on safety and loss control.


Our Covid-19 Commitment

As the world grapple with the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, GS Construction has continued to demonstrate unwavering commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our workers, clients, suppliers and business partners are top priority. In line with the Country, Province and Local regulations, we have put in place a robust COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan at our office and sites to help us deal with this global pandemic. All measures must be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.