GS Construction has
specialized in water and
wastewater infrastructure since 1974.

50 years
of service since 1974.

What don't we do?

GS Construction’s clients include all levels of government, utilities, and private developers. We offer a full suite of services for municipal and civil construction, including:

  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation
  • Water Services
  • Drainage Services
  • Land Development
  • General Contracting
  • Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

500+ Jobs Completed

200+ Skilled Employees

100+ Equipment Fleet

Laying the groundwork for your community

GS Construction plays a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for thriving communities through our expertise in infrastructure rehabilitation, water and drainage services, and land development. By prioritizing safety, quality, and efficiency in every project, GS Construction helps build the foundations for safe, prosperous, and well-connected communities.

Drainage Services


Infrastructure Rehabilitation


Land Development


A dependable team

Composed of dedicated professionals, we are passionate about treating employees as valuable members of the family, where your contributions are recognized and your professional growth is actively supported. We foster a culture of respect, collaboration, and continuous learning, ensuring that everyone feels valued, empowered, and engaged in their work.