About GS Construction


Four decades after Glen Sandwith founded the company as GS Holdings, we still provide the same great service with great people that are focused on doing quality work, safely and efficiently.

GS Construction is proud to be one of the longest-serving general contractors in Central Alberta.


Our Core Purpose

To improve the quality of life for people, families and the communities they live in.


People First!

At GS, we like to think we look at things a little differently.  Our first priority is finding quality people with the intelligence, work ethic and personal pride that fits with our corporate culture and values. We then spend the time training and growing our people to be World Class construction professionals.

We are proud to have a “field-focused” mentality.  That means we understand our people on-site are the ones who get the job done.  We’ve structured our organization so that all other business functions support execution in the field.  We have a set of key processes and procedures that we follow on every project to get the job done right:  from the estimate, to pre-job planning, to construction planning… all the way to post-job reviews.

We continually try to grow and develop our people because people are the only thing that differentiates one construction company from another.


Our Specialty

GS Construction specializes in the self-performance of water and wastewater infrastructure construction.

We offer a full suite of services for municipal & civil construction including:

  • infrastructure rehabilitation & maintenance
  • new construction
  • land development
  • general contracting
  • project management
  • construction management

We continue to grow and develop long-term relationships with Tier 1 clients including:

  • private developers
  • engineering firms
  • municipalities
  • government agencies

We have acquired and sustained these clients because of our reputation for quality workmanship, honesty, and integrity.

Our trusted list of Tier 1 vendors and subcontractors allows us to increase our scale and scope as required for any project while sticking to project timelines and budgets.


Our Qualifications

  • Highly-trained and motivated construction management team
  • Modern fleet of heavy equipment and trucks
  • Over 40 years of history and experience
  • One of three contractors qualified for EPCOR Watermain Replacement in the City of Edmonton
  • Large and diverse partner list of quality vendors & subcontractors
  • COR, PICS, and ISNET World Certified

Industry Designations and Partners